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Unique Foods That Can Be Freeze Dried

Freeze drying is a unique de-hydration process used to preserve food. It not only increases the shelf life of food but also preserves its nutrient value. Fruits and vegetables have been going through this process for quite a while now.  It makes them easy to munch on and carry around with you. However, freeze drying goes far beyond the produce section.

It might come as a surprise but most food items can be successfully freeze-dried, except for certain foods with very high sugar or fat content. Butter, chocolate, heavy cream, mayonnaise, alcohol, and peanut butter are examples of such food items. So let’s dive into it and explore the 4 unique food items that can be freeze dried.

Yoghurt or Ice Cream

Dairy products can expire in no time, which is why freeze drying is your go to option if you want to preserve them beyond their expiry date. Take the example of ice cream. Even though, the texture of freeze dried ice cream is different from that of the fresh one as it is airy but the flavor remains the same. Your tongue will have a hard time telling the difference as the cream will melt right into your mouth. On the other hand, freeze dried yoghurt preserves all its taste and texture; making it an amazing snack.


Eggs, be it raw or cooked, can be preserved through freeze drying. You will be surprised to know that freeze drying your eggs can make them last for up to 20 years with no need for further preservation. It not only preserves the flavor but also the nutrients and proteins in a less fragile state. Raw eggs are

To preserve raw eggs, all you need to do is whisk them, freeze-dry them and store them in their powdered form for a long as you want. Take two table spoon of this egg powder and cook an egg whenever you want to. On the other hand, you can also freeze dry your eggs after scrambling them. You can simply rehydrate them in skillet when it’s time to eat.

 Leafy Greens

Leafy vegetables often rot in a few day which is why it is not a smart decision to buy them in bulk. However, with freeze drying as an option, you can buy your green in abundance and use them through the year, even when they go out if season! This is especially beneficial for people who have home gardens, as they no longer have to restrict themselves from growing too much. Once you freeze dry your greens, all you need to do is rehydrate them with a spritz of water and use them in salads, smoothies, garnishing etc.


Meat is extremely easy to freeze dry, does not take long and most importantly, tastes great afterwards. On top of that, it does not even matter if the meat is cooked or raw. All you need to do is cut thin slices of meet and place them on a tray and leave the rest to the freeze dryer. Freeze dried meet can be preserved for over 15 years and when rehydrated it look exactly the same!

There is no doubt that freeze drying is an excellent way to preserve food. Have you ever tried freeze dried food?  Get yourself a freeze dried treat from 40 Below Freeze Dried Treats and enjoy flavor and nutrients all in one.

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