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The Science of Flower Power: How Flowers Impact Our Mood and Well-Being

Life is not always the easiest. We face challenges every day and sometimes the hardest battles come when we expect them the least. In the midst of all these problems, its human nature to look for relief. We find it in the most unexpected ways and places. Nature is one place that we often visit in times of stress, and it never disappoints. The power that nature has can’t simply be ignored. People have not only realized this but have started adding it to their everyday lives. For instance, companies now want to incorporate green color in homes and offices for a relaxing and soothing effect. But how can we forget about flowers when we talk about nature?

Flowers are not just pretty to look at but over time studies have found out that they also have an impact on our mood and well-being. Surrounding yourself with flowers triggers happy emotions and heighten feelings of satisfaction. In fact, being in the presence of flowers can actually be therapeutic. When you take a moment and sit down with a bunch of flowers, arranging them, looking at them, inhaling their fragrance, you fall into something called “flow”. This is a psychological term that is used to indicate the boost in our mental state, regulation in breathing pattern and the slowing down of the heart rate.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into all the different way flowers can lift your mood and why you should have them around.

Evoke Good Memoires

Flower are a wonderful sight but more than that they can evoke happy memories and rid us of our bad mood. For instance, the pink color of lilies can remind you of a family member, the red roses can bring memories of a loved one or a string of gladioli may bring back distant memories of friendship. In fact, some flower themselves can signify compassion, sympathy or celebration through their colors and scents.

Symbolizes New Beginnings

Flowers are a part of nature and like any other part, they grow, reproduce and wilt. This entire cycle represents the cycle of life and symbolizes new beginnings. Flowers portray life; looking at them and being surrounded by them gives us the feeling of a new life, a positive beginning and hope. Some flowers have even deeper meaning, for instance the cherry blossoms symbolize the temporariness of life, where the light pink flower represents the joy of life and the peach one represents generosity and long life.


Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Almost everyone suffers from some kind of stress and anxiety today. Flowers can be a great way to deal with it. Scientists today have come up with aromatherapy where they use the fragrances directly from flowers as well as floral scented candles to help people relax and reduce their anxiety levels.  Specific flowers like lavenders tend to show improvement in anxiety patients, also improving short term memory and providing soothing and relaxing effects.

Giving and receiving flowers can simply elevate someone’s mood in seconds, so if you are looking for a scientific way to boost a loved one’s mood, gift them a fresh bouquets of flowers today!

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