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5 Benefits of Freeze Dried Food You Didn’t Know About

Although freeze drying might look like a new concept, it has been in existence for centuries. People have been freeze drying potatoes by freezing them in cold, high altitudes during the night then drying them in the heat of the day. It comes as no surprise that today, potatoes are not the only food that is freeze dried. From fruits, vegetables to sweets, everything that you can think of is now freeze dried and preserved. But what makes freeze dried food so extra ordinary? In this article we’ll talk about the five benefits of freeze drying that you might not know. So get ready to be completely blown away.

Long Shelf Life

This one might not come as a surprise to you. Freeze drying involves removing the moisture of any product which ultimately lets the food thrive without bacteria eating on it. This process involves freezing, providing vacuum and packaging. The food is frozen to a very low temperature, typically below -40°F, to turn the moisture into ice crystal. After that, it is placed in a vacuum chamber. The pressure is reduced to remove the frozen moisture. In the end comes the packaging process. The freeze-dried food is packaged in airtight containers to prevent the re-absorption of moisture and oxidation, which can cause spoilage. This add years to the shelf life of some products, allowing you to enjoy it whenever you like.

Easy to Carry

Freeze drying removes moisture from fruits and vegetables; eliminating the growth of any kind of bacteria and mold that causes foliage. This makes fruits and vegetables lightweight and easier to carry than fresh canned products. It is ideals for outdoor activities like camping, backpacking, and hiking, where weight and space are critical factors. On top of that, you can store freeze dried food in room temperature, eliminating the need for a fridge.

Preserves 97% Nutrients

If you do not feel like eating a bowl of fruits or vegetables, opting for freeze dried products will be a great alternative. Not only do they make a great snack to munch on but also preserve nutritional value. This is because the food is quickly frozen to a very low temperature, which helps to preserve the integrity of the nutrients. The vacuum process also minimizes exposure to air and light, which can further help prevent nutrient degradation.

No Preservatives

Freeze dried food tastes the same as its fresh alternatives since it does not have any artificial preservatives. The absence of any filler and addictive flavoring helps you snack on your favorite fruits and vegetables, guilt-free.

Budget Friendly

Freeze dried food is cost effective compared to fresh canned food as the process of freeze drying extends the shelf life of the food, reducing the need for preservatives and wastage. Moreover, since you can store freeze dried food in room temperature, the cost of refrigerating also decreases.

Freeze drying is eco-friendly, cost effective and a highly nutritious way to intake your food. It is safe to say that it is, in fact, the future of snacks. So are re you ready for some freeze dried snacks? 40 Below Freeze Dried Treats has got you covered. From fruits, vegetables to sweet treats, we have it all. Try now and enjoy healthy eating from the comfort of your home.

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